Is Austin, Texas a great city for millennials to buy a home?


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Many young adults are on a budget and need to find a home for a reasonable cost that fits the majority of their needs. Despite its popularity, the cost of living in Austin is lower than many other large cities. The median real estate price for single-family homes in Austin is approximately $250,000, which is well under the cost of a home in Los Angeles or New York City.

Austin is a trending technology hub

Austin’s technology job market is booming, and it’s all thanks to major tech companies in the city such as Dell, AT&T, and IBM. Austin also offers room for entrepreneurial growth, with new and young tech companies popping up throughout the city.

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Entertainment hot spot

No one wants to move to a new city where there’s nothing to do. Luckily for millennials, Austin offers endless entertainment in terms of nightlife, shopping, dining, and new places to explore. Regardless of where you live in Austin, a bar, restaurant, or shop is just around the corner.

Easy city to make new friends

Millennials who are headed to Austin will be amongst many others of their own generation. Austin reportedly has a millennial population of 21.2%, making the city the perfect choice for those looking for both new ventures and friends.

Innovative, inspirational, and perfect for millennials

Austin is so highly regarded as a millennial-friendly city, that Money considers it to be the absolute best. If you’re a millennial who is looking for an innovative and thriving city to buy your first (or even second, or third) home, Austin should be the first place to explore on your list.

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