How to prepare to rent out a room for extra income?


You should first prepare your house by putting locks on all bedroom doors, keeping your valuables in a safe, and fixing pesky appliances. Then, look at Craigslist or other ads to see what other people are charging roommates in your area. Write down all the things you won’t tolerate in your ad, such as pets or smokers.

List the good stuff

Also list in the ad the amenities, such as how close you are to shopping, etc. Check out the applicants. If they say they are going to school, ask for proof. Also, ask for references to call.

View mortgage rates in your city

Comply with housing laws

Do not discriminate because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, or age. Run a credit check, and make a written rental agreement that states how much rent will be, when rent is due, who pays utilities, how food is handled, and anything else that matters to you.

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